Episode 77: The time Gamer Leaf tried to filter the Unfiltered Gamer


Luckily Gamer Leaf sits down with Michael Wright who is the Unfiltered Gamer. We had to interrupt his filming of Millennium Blades by Level 99 games and Eaggle-Gryphon Games’ Lisboa which would’ve never happened had Jen Igartua of pillbox games not stood up and told him we were looking for him. SO HUGE THANKS AND SHOUTOUT TO YOU JEN!

He started off with Fireball Island. He used to work in LA on stuff like Sharknado, a show on Netflix called Little Dead Rotting Hood (going out on a limb to say this movie isn’t family friendly) used to be a fan of monopoly and Risk. Unfortunately he wouldn’t reveal his Risk strategy to us, stating he’d rather play games like Small world and Cthulhu Wars by Petersen Games) Or, just roll the dice really well to win at Risk.

A lot of the work he does is with those running Kickstarter campaigns.

He has got the pleasure to work with Minion Games (miniongames) , Roxley (roxleygames), Wiz kids (wizkids), Petersen Games (PetersenGames)

Spinmaster (SpinMaster) most recently to name a few. We rave about their newly acquired 5-Minute Dungeon. Which they recently did a FB Live video playthrough of along with Dropmix (dropmixgame)

He’s recently discovered war games and is quite fond of: Naval Battle in Archipelago (board game))

Game he backed on Kickstarter Other 7 Sins by CMON

Of games he’s reviewed: (Radiant ) by (Randal Marsh)

He gives a little Kickstarter advice: Artwork and a good video, reviews, banner ads and live gameplay

We talk about Dave Killingsworth of Solar Flare Gamesand his upcoming games

Michael’s wife Kelly wright does rule book edits.

Talks about Kickstarter Experts and brings up The Daniel Zayas company.  and a bit about Kickstarter Experts. of which Daniel is one. He also recently started as longpackgames’ US Sales Manager

Michael talks about his FB Live videos in which he will.

Want a review from the Unfiltered Gamer?

He works with ferdinand who is the Cardboard Stacker

Michael: Is it really work if it’s a passion or if I enjoy it?”

We talk a bit about Hermetica The Game which is set for a Kickstarter launch on Jan 9th 2018. Michael raves about the matt and the box.

Hermetica will be on the live play through tonight at 730pm pst 

He will be at Pax South and Get Con this upcoming year.

AAA: Image applications!  Word Swag, Pixler & Prisma , Canova

Finally at end we facilitated Grant the camera man’s debut into the podcasting world. Let us know if you’d like to have us have him on the show!

Kickstarter Corner the musical kind of:

Dwar7s Winter ends 15 Jan

Squatch | The World’s Most Addicting Board Game! ends January 8th

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