About Us

Are you new to gaming? I used to think this was one of the only games out there:

I was wrong! My wife showed me a few games here and there. But, Bloodrage was the game that showed me what hobby games are and really hooked me!

I set out to make other families aware of the infinite possibilities out there as well. That’s when Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf was born. It is a gaming podcast from our family’s perspective. The Podcast includes:

  • Story (we will tell you the story of our gameplay of the featured game) and then our reviews of the game.
  • We also highlight Kickstarters that we find interesting or wish we could back.
  • AAA (Adventures in Application Acquisition) in which we tell you about both ios and android applications (Some compared to their tabletop games and some that aren’t games outside of the app), and
  • The story of our Role Playing as a family (We started off playing Too Many Bones). We also interview game designers, publishers, game store owners, other media content creators & everyday gamers. This is a family show!

We’ve come a long way from our 1st episodes! 

I could tell you about the podcast till I’m blue in the face. But, Let’s see what others are saying:

Chris the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Casual Game Insider had this to say I love the kids’ perspectives. They are probably the most blunt reviewers I know of, and their comments can be very humorous at times.”

Find out more by checking out our current Kickstarter Campaign set to launch before the 4th of February 2019.